Olethreutine Moths of the Midwestern United States

Tortricid.net is pleased to offer a book designed to aid in the study and identification of olethreutine moths occuring in the Midwestern United States. Authored by Todd M. Gilligan, Donald J. Wright, and Loran D. Gibson, the book was published by the Ohio Biological Survey in 2008. Highlights include:

  • Treatment of 306 species (approximately 1/3 of the Nearctic Olethreutinae)
  • Background information on the subfamily
  • Biographical sketches of historical figures
  • A detailed section on olethreutine morphology
  • Key characters for genera and species
  • Life history summaries
  • 420 color photographs of adults
  • More than 650 genitalia photographs
  • An introduction to the immature stages (eggs, larvae, pupae)
  • A key to the larvae of some common species and genera
  • Information on how to collect, rear, and preserve immatures
  • vii + 334 pages
  • Fully peer-reviewed
  • 8.5 x 11" format
  • Hard bound
  • Color illustrations throughout
  • Price $75.00 USD
  • ISBN 978-0-86727-160-7

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Gilligan, T. M., D. J. Wright & L. D. Gibson. 2008. Olethreutine moths of the midwestern United States: an identification guide. Ohio Biological Survey, Columbus, OH. 334 pp.

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