Photo Database

The photo database contains the largest collection of photographs of tortricid moths on the internet. Over 2300 full color, high quality photos are currently present in the database, many of these being photos of type specimens. The database can be accessed by clicking on one of the following menu items on the left:


You can search the ENTIRE database for a particular genus and/or species. The search also accepts wildcard text in case you are not sure of the exact spelling. The search will return both types and identification photos.

Primary Type Photos

This section of the database contains photographs of over 1500 type specimens. The types are organized by museum.

Identification Photos

The photos in this section are primarily to assist with the identification of tortricids. Photos can be sorted by genus, species, or thumbnails. Please read the disclaimer regarding the identification of specimens using internet photos.

Most of the identification photos displayed here along with many others are also available at the Moth Photographers Group website, which is the best resource on the internet for identifying moths.

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