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mygindiana [Denis & Schiffermuller], 1775 (Tortrix), Syst. Verz. Schmett. Wienergegend : 131. TL: Austria, Syntype(s): Unknown. unknown.

flammeana Frolich, 1828 (Tortrix), Enum. Tortr. Wrtemberg : 72. TL: Germany. Wrtemburg. Syntype(s): Unknown. unknown.

formosana Curtis, 1831 (Orthotaenia), Br. Ent. 6: folio 364. TL: United Kingdom. Great Britain. Syntype(s): DEMV. unknown.

fulvipunctana Haworth, 1811 (Tortrix), Lepid. Br. (3): 400. TL: United Kingdom. England (Norfolk) [United Kingdom]. Syntype(s): BMNH. unknown.

mygindana Frey, 1880 (Penthina), Lepid. Schweiz : 305. no type

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