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buruana Diakonoff, 1941 (Syndemis), Treubia 18(2): 213. TL: Indonesia, "Molucca Islands, Buru". Holotype: NCB. male.

calliplecta Diakonoff, 1983 (Snodgrassia), Proc. Konin. Neder. Akad. Weten. (C)86 (4): 486. TL: Indonesia, "Southwest Celebes, Bantimurung Falls". Holotype: NCB. male.

petrophracta Meyrick, 1938 (Tortrix), Trans. ent. Soc. Lond. 87: 506. TL: Papua New Guinea, Kokoda. Holotype: BMNH. female.

stenochorda Meyrick, 1928 (Cacoecia), Exotic Microlepid. 3: 456. TL: Philippine Islands, "Luzon, Mt. Makiling". Holotype: BMNH. male.

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