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concretana Wocke, 1862 (Penthina), Stettin. ent. Ztg. 23: 57. TL: Finland, Lapland (Bosekop). Lectotype: ZISP. unknown.

stagnicolana Preissecker, 1914 (Olethreutes), Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien 64: 56. TL: Austria. Karlstift. Holotype: NHMV. female.

karelica Tengstrom, 1875 (Penthina postremana var.), Notis Sllsk. Fauna Flora Fenn. Frh. .14: 35. TL: Russia, Olonets. Syntype(s): ZMH. unknown.

norvegicana Schyen, 1887 (Penthina), Forh. Vidensk.-Selsk 3: 14. TL: Norway. Syntype(s): Unknown. unknown.

textana Frolich, 1828 (Tortrix), Enum. Tortr. Wrtemberg : 54. TL: Germany. Wrtemburg. Syntype(s): Unknown. unknown.

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