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leucocharis Meyrick, 1933 (Tortrix), Exotic Microlepid. 4: 423. TL: Fiji Islands, Fiji (Vunidawa). Holotype: BMNH. male.

sisir Diakonoff, 1941 (Proactenis), Treubia 18: 428. TL: Indonesia, "East Java, Tengger Mountains, Nongkodjadjar". Holotype: NCB. male.

tricomma Diakonoff, 1941 (Proactenis), Treubia 18: 427. TL: Indonesia, "West Sumatra, Fort de Kock". Holotype: NCB. male.

uniata Diakonoff, 1960 (Proactenis), Nova Guinea (Zool.) 4: 74. TL: New Guinea, "Central New Guinea (Nassau Range, Top Camp)". Holotype: NCB. male.

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