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aureocastanea Razowski & Wojtusiak, 2006 (Paramorbia), Acta Zool. Cracov. 49B: 34. TL: Ecuador, "Prov. Morona-Santiago, Gualaceo-Limon Road, east". Holotype: MZUJ. male.

chionophthalma Meyrick, 1932 (Sparganothis), Exotic Microlepid. 4: 263. TL: Bolivia, Ro Songo. Holotype: NHMV. male.

ithyclina Meyrick, 1926 (Sparganothis), Exotic Microlepid. 3: 260. TL: Colombia, Alto de las Ances. Lectotype: BMNH. male.

rostellana Zeller, 1877 (Oenectra), Horae Soc. ent. Ross. 13: 110. TL: Colombia, Bogot. Holotype: BMNH. unknown.

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