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abievora "Issiki, in Issiki & Mutuura", 1961 (Epagoge), Microlepid. Ins. Injurious Conif. Plts. Japan : 34. TL: Japan, "Honshu, Osaka Prefecture, Ikeda". Holotype: USNM. male.

pusilla Kuznetzov, 1973 (Danilevskiana), Trud Vses. Entomol. Obshch. 56: 151. TL: Russia. "Primorsky Krai, Okeanskaya". Holotype: ZISP. male.

picevora Liu, 1990 (Paracroesia), Forest Research 3: 139. TL: China, "Gansu, Tianzhu". Holotype: IZAS. male.

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