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angusticuculla "Lv, Sun & Li", 2014 (Andrioplecta), Zootaxa 3760: 488. TL: China, "Mt. Pan, Ji County, Tianjin". Holotype: NKUM. male.

dierli Komai, 1992 (Andrioplecta), Ty to Ga 43: 178. TL: Nepal, "Kathmandu Valley, Godavari". Holotype: ZSM. male.

leucodora Meyrick, 1928 (Pammena [sic]), Exotic Microlepid. 3: 447. TL: Philippine Islands, "Luzon, Los Baos". Holotype: BMNH. male.

moriutii Komai, 1992 (Andrioplecta), Ty to Ga 43: 167. TL: Thailand. "Kanchanaburi Province, Erawan". Holotype: OPU. male.

oxystaura "Meyrick, in Caradja & Meyrick", 1935 (Pammene), Mat. Microlepid. Fauna Chin. Prov. : 62. TL: China, Tien-Mu-Shan. Lectotype: BMNH. male.

phuluangensis Komai, 1992 (Andrioplecta), Ty to Ga 43: 161. TL: Thailand, "Loei Province, Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary". Holotype: ZMUC. female.

pulverula Meyrick, 1912 (Laspeyresia), J. Bombay Nat. Hist. Soc. 21: 876. TL: India, "Assam, Khasi Hills". Holotype: BMNH. female.

rescissa Meyrick, 1921 (Pammene), Zool. Meded 6: 159. TL: Indonesia, "Java, Pekalongan". Syntypes: NCB. "1 male, 1 female".

shoreae Komai, 1992 (Andrioplecta), Ty to Ga 43: 173. TL: Borneo, "Sabah, Sandakan". Holotype: OPU. male.

suboxystaura Komai, 1992 (Andrioplecta), Ty to Ga 43: 161. TL: Thailand, "Nakhon Nayak Province, Khao Yai". Holotype: OPU. male.

subpulverula Obraztsov, 1968 (Laspeyresia), J. New York ent. Soc. 76: 177. TL: Indonesia, "Java, Lawang". Holotype: BMNH. female.

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