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albertii Razowski, 1983 (Fulvoclysia), Nota Lepid. 6: 38. TL: Russia, "NW Caucasus, Dombai". Holotype: LNK. male.

arguta Razowski, 1968 (Fulvoclysia), Acta zool. cracov. 13: 89 TL: Syria, "Haleb, Shar Devesy". Holotype: BMNH. male.

aulica Razowski, 1968 (Fulvoclysia), Acta zool. cracov. 13: 87 TL: Armenia, Kasikoparan. Holotype: BMNH. male.

defectana Lederer, 1870 (Conchylis), Ann. Soc. ent. Belg. 13: 42. TL: Russia, "Transcaucasus, montagnes d'Elisabethpol". Lectotype: MNHU. female.

dictyodana Staudinger, 1880 (Cochylis), Horae Soc. ent. Ross. 15(1879): 238. TL: Turkey, Karaman. Lectotype: MNHU. female.

acutana Kennel, 1913 (Phalonia), Palaear. Tortr. : 290. TL: Russia. Transcaucasus. Holotype: MGAB. male.

insignatana Staudinger, 1880 (Cochylis dictyodana ab.), Horae Soc. ent. Ross. 15(1879): 238. TL: Russia. Holotype: MNHU. male.

forsteri Osthelder, 1938 (Euxanthis), Mitt. mnch. ent. Ges. 28: 25. TL: Iran, Holotype: ZSM. male.

nerminae Kocak, 1982 (Fulvoclysia), Priamus 2: 64. no type

fulvana Fischer von Roslerstamm, 1834 (Tortrix), Abbild. Berich. Ergnz Schmett.-Kunde 1: 35 TL: Europe. Syntype(s): Unknown. unknown.

pallorana Lederer, 1864 (Conchylis), Wien. ent. Monatschr. 8: 171. TL: Turkey, Karaman. Lectotype: MNHU. female.

armeniaca Obraztsov, 1943 (Fulvoclysia), Z. Wien. ent. Ges. 28: 43. TL: Russia. "Transcaucasus, Jelisavpol". Holotype: ZMKU. male.

proxima Razowski, 1970 (Fulvoclysia), Microlepid. Palaearctica 3: 443. TL: Turkey, W. Turkey (Aband). Holotype: ISEZ. male.

rjabovi Kuznetzov, 1976 (Fulvoclysia), Trud. Zool. Inst. Leningrad 64: 5. TL: Armenia, "Daralagez, Kjukidag". Holotype: ZISP. male.

subdolana Kennel, 1901 (Euxanthis), Dt. ent. Z. Iris 13(1900): 240. TL: Russia, Hadjin. Holotype: MNHU. male.

subflavana Amsel, 1959 (Euxanthis), Bull. Soc. ent. Egypte 43: 57. TL: Iraq. Hajji Omran. Holotype: LNK. male.

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