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anthophaga Diakonoff, 1977 (Cosmetra), Annls Soc. ent. Fr. (N.S.) 13: 105. TL: Reunion Island, La Bretagne. Holotype: MNHN. male.

calliarma Meyrick, 1909 (Eucosma), Ann. Transvaal Mus. 2: 8. TL: South Africa, Natal. Syntypes: DNMNH. "1 female, 1 male".

fibigeri Aarvik, 2016 (Cosmetra), Zootaxa 4088: 249. TL: Uganda, "Rakai District, Sango Bay, Malamigambo Forest". Holotype: NHMO. male.

juu Aarvik, 2016 (Cosmetra), Zootaxa 4088: 255. TL: Kenya, "Rift Valley, Mt. Longonot". Holotype: NHMO. male.

larseni Aarvik, 2016 (Cosmetra), Zootaxa 4088: 247. TL: Kenya, "Rift Valley Province, Gilgil". Holotype: NHMO. male.

mafikana Razowski, 2015 (Cosmetra), Acta zool. cracov. 58: 46. TL: Lesotho, Mafika Lisu Pass. Holotype: GBC. male.

multidentana Aarvik, 2016 (Cosmetra), Zootaxa 4088: 250. TL: Tanzania, "Iringa Reg., Mufindi District, Kigogo Forest". Holotype: NHMO. male.

podocarpivora Razowski & Brown, 2012 (Cosmetra), Zootaxa 3222: 13. TL: Kenya, "Central Province, Gatamayu Forest". Holotype: NMK. male.

rythmosema Diakonoff, 1992 (Cosmetra), Annls Soc. ent. Fr. (N.S.) 28: 50. TL: Madagascar, "Madagascar Centre (environs d'Ambohimahasoa, caton de Tsarafidy)". Holotype: MNHN. male.

spiculifera Meyrick, 1913 (Eucosma), Ann. Transvaal Mus. 3: 271. TL: South Africa, Barberton. Holotype: DNMNH. male.

mucronata Razowski & Wojtusiak, 2012 (Cosmetra), Acta Zool. Cracov. 55: 88. TL: Nigeria. "Anambra State, Nsukka Forest Reserve". Holotype: MZUJ. male.

taitana Razowski & Brown, 2012 (Cosmetra), Zootaxa 3222: 14. TL: Kenya, "Coast Province, Ngango Forest/Taita Hills". Holotype: NMK. male.

truncana Aarvik, 2016 (Cosmetra), Zootaxa 4088: 249. TL: Malawi, "Mulanje Mts., Chambe Hut". Holotype: NHMO. male.

tumulata Meyrick, 1908 (Cydia), Proc. zool. Soc. London 1908: 720. TL: South Africa, "Transvaal, Pretoria District". Holotype: BMNH. female.

neka Razowski & Brown, 2009 (Cosmetra), SHILAP Revta. Lepid. 37: 378. TL: South Africa. "Cape Province, Thomas Baine Nature Reserve, 13 km SW Grahamstown". Holotype: USNM. male.

usambarensis Aarvik, 2016 (Cosmetra), Zootaxa 4088: 254. TL: Tanzania, "Tanga, Usambara Mt., Magamba, 17 km NW Lushoto". Holotype: NHMO. male.

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