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allodapa Razowski, 1986 (Aethesoides), Ann. Zool. 40: 390. TL: Mexico, "Guerrero, Amula". Holotype: BMNH. male.

chalcospila Meyrick, 1932 (Phalonia), Exotic Microlepid. 4: 265. TL: Costa Rica, Holotype: NHMV. female.

columbiana Razowski, 1967 (Aethesoides), Acta zool. cracov. 12: 193 TL: Colombia, Valparaiso. Holotype: BMNH. male.

distigmatana Walsingham, 1897 (Phalonia), Proc. zool. Soc. London 1897: 137. TL: Grenada, "West Indies (Grenada, Balthazar, windward side)". Holotype: BMNH. male.

enclitica Meyrick, 1917 (Phalonia), Trans. ent. Soc. Lond. 1917: 3. TL: Ecuador, Alausi. Lectotype: BMNH. male.

hondurasica Razowski, 1986 (Aethesoides), Ann. Zool. 40: 392. TL: Honduras, Siguatepeque. Holotype: EME. male.

hondurassica "Razowski, in Heppner", 1995 (Aethesoides), Atlas Neotropical Lepid. Checklist 2: 139. no type

inanita Razowski & Becker, 1986 (Aethes), Acta zool. cracov. 29: 444 TL: Mexico, "Veracruz, Huatusco". Holotype: MNRJ. male.

mexicana Razowski, 1986 (Aethesoides), Ann. Zool. 40: 392. TL: Mexico, "Michoacan, Tuxtpan". Holotype: EME. male.

stellans Razowski & Becker, 1994 (Aethesoides), SHILAP Revta. Lepid. 22: 39. TL: Brazil, "Santa Catarina, Brusque". Holotype: MNRJ. female.

timia Razowski & Becker, 1986 (Aethesoides), Acta zool. cracov. 29: 443 TL: Mexico, "Veracruz, Estacin Biologia Las Tuxtlas". Holotype: MNRJ. female.

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