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colaptes Razowski, 1992 (Atepa), Misc. Zool. 14(1990): 108. TL: Costa Rica, "Guanacaste Province,". Holotype: EME. male.

cordobana Razowski, 1992 (Atepa), J. Res. Lepid. 30: 15. TL: Mexico, "Veracruz, Cordoba". Holotype: EME. female.

sinaloana Razowski, 1992 (Atepa), J. Res. Lepid. 30: 17. TL: Mexico, "Sinaloa, 27 mi E Villa Union". Holotype: EME. female.

triplagata Walsingham, 1914 (Tortrix), Biol. Centr.-Am. Lepid. Heterocera 4: 282. TL: Mexico, "Tabasco, Teapa". Holotype: BMNH. female.

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