THIODIA Hubner, [1825] 1816, Verz. bekannter Schmett. 391. Type species: "Tortrix citrana Hubner, [1796-1799]". [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

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BOTROPTERYX Caradja, 1916, Dt. ent. Z. Iris 30: 63. Type species: "Grapholitha sulphurana Christoph, 1888". [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini] [attributed to Kennel]

FOVEIFERA Obraztsov, 1946, Z. Wien. ent. Ges. 30(1945): 40. Type species: "Tortrix hastana Hubner, [1796-1799] [= Tortrix Lophoderus torridana Lederer, 1859]". [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

GYPSONOMOIDES Obraztsov, 1945, Z. Wien. ent. Ges. 30: 35. Type species: "Paedisca delitana Fischer von Roslerstamm, 1839 [Tortrix trochillana Frolich, 1828]". [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

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