RHOPOBOTA Lederer, 1859, Wien. ent. Monatschr. 3: 366. Type species: "Tortrix naevana Hubner, [1814-1817]". [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

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ERINAEA Meyrick, 1907, J. Bombay nat. Hist. Soc. 18: 141. Type species: "Erinaea chlorantha Meyrick, 1907 [= Teras verditer Hampson, 1891]". [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

EUMARISSA Clarke, 1976, Insects Micronesia 9: 32. Type species: "Eumarissa leucognoma Clarke, 1976". [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

KUNDRYA Heinrich, 1923, Bull. U.S. natn. Mus. 123: 192. Type species: "Kundrya finitimana Heinrich, 1923". [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

KUNDYRA Razowski, 1977, Acta zool. cracov. 22: 253. [misspelling of Kundrya] [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

NORMA Heinrich, 1923, Bull. U.S. natn. Mus. 123: 191. Type species: "Epinotia dietziana Kearfott, 1907". [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

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