OXYPTERON Staudinger, 1871, Berl. ent. Z. 14(1870): 276. Type species: Oxypteron impar Staudinger, 1871. [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini]

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GYNOXYPTERON Speiser, 1902, Berl. ent. Z. 47: 142. [replacement name for Oxypteron] [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini]

MAUGINIA Turati, 1924, Atti Soc. ital. Sci. Nat. 63: 158. Type species: Mauginia kruegeri Turati, 1924. [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini]

PSAMMOZESTA Gozmany, 1954, Ann. Hist. Nat. Mus. natn. Hung. (N. S.) 5: 274. Type species: Oxypteron neogena Gozmany, 1954. [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini] [subgenus of Oxypteron]

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