NOTOCELIA Hubner, [1825] 1816, Verz. bekannter Schmett. 379. Type species: "Phalaena (Tortrix) uddmanniana Linnaeus,1758". [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

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ASPIDIA Duponchel, 1835, "Godart,Hist.nat.Lpid.Papillons Fr." 9: 176. [replacement name for Aspis] [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

ASPIS Treitschke, 1829, in Ochsenheimer, Schmett. Eur. 7: 231. Type species: "Phalaena (Tortrix) solandriana Linnaeus 1758 sensu Treitschke,1829 [= Phalaena (Tortrix) uddmanniana Linnaeus, 1758]". [preoccupied] [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

BARDIA Obraztsov, 1965, Tijdschr. Ent. 108: 371. [misspelling of Pardia] [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

PARDIA Guenee, 1845, Annls Soc. ent. Fr (2)3: 155. Type species: "Tortrix tripunctana [Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775] [= Phalaena (Tinea) cynosbatella Linnaeus, 1758]". [Olethreutinae: Eucosmini]

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