CNEPHASIA Curtis, 1826, Br. Ent. 6: folio100. Type species: Phalaena logiana Clerck sensu. [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini]

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ANOPLOCNEPHASIA Ral, 1953, Bull. Mens. Soc. Linn. Lyon 22: 51. Type species: "Sciaphila sedana Constant, 1884". [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini] [subgenus of Cnephasia]

BRACHYCNEPHASIA Ral, 1953, Bull. Mens. Soc. Linn. Lyon 22: 57. Type species: "Tortrix longana Haworth, [1811]". [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini] [subgenus of Cnephasia]

CHEPHASIA Razowski, 1977, Acta zool. cracov. 22: 226. [misspelling of Cnephasia] [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini]

CNEPHASIANELLA Benander, 1950, Svensk Insektfauna 10(Tortricina): 46. [misspelling of Cnephasiella] [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini]

CNEPHASIELLA Adamczewski, 1936, Ann. Zool. 11 268. 11: 268. Type species: "Sciaphila incertana Treitschke, 1835". [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini] [subgenus of Cnephasia]

CNEPHOSIA Desmarest, 1857, in Chenu, Encyclo. Hist. Nat. (Papillons Noct.) 223. [misspelling of Cnephasia] [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini]

HYPOSTEPHANUNCIA Ral, 1951, Bull. Mens. Soc. Linn. Lyon 20: 229. Type species: "Cnephasia ecullyana Ral, 1951". [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini]

HYPOSTEPHANUNTIA Razowski, 1977, Acta zool. cracov. 22: 251. [misspelling of Hypostephanuncia] [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini]

SCIAPHILA Treitschke, 1829, in Ochsenheimer, Schmett. Eur. 7: 233. Type species: "Phalaena (Tortrix) wahlbomiana Linnaeus 1758 sensu Treitschke,1829 [= Tortrix (Sciaphila) alticolana Herrich-Schaffer, 1851]". [Tortricinae: Cnephasiini]

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