CELYPHA Hubner, [1825] 1816, Verz. bekannter Schmett. 382. Type species: "Tortrix striana [Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775]". [Olethreutinae: Olethreutini]

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CELYPA Pierce & Metcalfe, 1922, Genitalia Group Tortricidae Lepid. Br. Is. 50. [mispelling of Celypha] [Olethreutinae: Olethreutini]

CELYPHOIDES Agenjo, 1955, Graellsia (Cat. Ord. Lepid. Espa. Trigesima Septima Familia Phaloniidae) 13: 11. [nomen nudum] [Olethreutinae: Olethreutini]

CELYPHOIDES Obraztsov, 1960, Beitr. Ent. 10: 480. Type species: "Tortrix flavipalpana Herrich-Schaffer, 1851". [Olethreutinae: Olethreutini]

EUCHROMA Duponchel, 1845, Cat. Mth. Lpid. Eur. 391. [misspelling of Euchromia] [Olethreutinae: Olethreutini]

EUCHROMIA Stephens, 1829, Nom. Br. Insects 47. Type species: "Tortrix purpurana Haworth, [1811]". [Olethreutinae: Olethreutini]

LOXOTERMA Busck, 1906, Ent. News 17: 305. Type species: "Tortrix latifasciana Haworth, 1811". [Olethreutinae: Olethreutini]

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