CAPUA Stephens, 1834, Illust. Br. Ent. (Haustellata) 4: 171. Type species: "Tortrix favillaceana Hubner, [1814-1817] [= Tortrix vulgana Frolich,1828] [see note 9]". [Tortricinae: Epitymbiini]

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CUPUA Kawabe, 1989, Tinea 12: 192. [misspelling of Capua] [Tortricinae: Archipini]

TERATODES Guenee, 1845, Annls Soc. ent. Fr (2)3: 168. Type species: "Tortrix favillaceana Hubner, [1814-1817] [=Tortrix vulgana Frolich, 1828]". [preoccupied] [Tortricinae: Archipini]

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